Ensuring Fair Treatment and Compensation for Employees

Discrimination and retaliation come in many forms in the workplace.  Sometimes the misconduct is obvious, such as a sexual or racial slur, or a failure to pay for overtime or provide meal breaks. Other times the illegal conduct can also be concealed such as differences in pay between men and women, or among different age groups.  If you are an employee in this situation, you need the advice of experienced lawyers who are committed to representing your best interests and advise you on whether to file a public lawsuit immediately or whether to attempt to negotiate a private resolution.  


All employees have basic rights in the workplace -- including the right to expect fair treatment without discrimination.  Employees also have the right to some amount of privacy including personal belongings and private conversations.


If you feel you have been treated unfairly or subjected to discrimination or invasion of your privacy, give us a call.


Protecting Individuals From Corporate Fraud and Defective Products

Even one individual can make a difference when it comes to consumer protection. Whether that individual seeks justice in a lawsuit for injuries, or whether that individual is a member of a class action.


An individual’s injuries can result from defective products, securities fraud, pharmaceutical drugs, consumer fraud, or employment practices such as failure to provide meal and rest breaks. Even “robocalls” can be the basis of a lawsuit.


While one individual’s economic loss or injury may be too small to pursue in court, when combined with others who have been harmed in the same way, the group can be a powerful way to seek justice against a large corporation in a class action.


Getting Results In Business Disputes

The more a business grows, the likelihood of some form of dispute grows as well, even with the best of intentions. Sometimes business deals go bad. Simple contracts become complicated. Stevens Law has represented small to medium size companies in all forms of conflict, whether false advertising, breach of contract, non-compete violations, and whether in court or arbitration.


We advise our clients from a business perspective with experienced trial lawyers, who are both ready to take a matter to trial or to broker a settlement, depending on what is at stake.

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