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The attorneys of Stevens Law are committed to their clients from their first phone call or meeting.  Skilled in every aspect of litigation, they have the expertise to advise clients on how best to navigate the legal process not only in Los Angeles, but throughout California.


When an employee needs protection from retaliation or harassment, we provide advice and guidance on options ranging from a private resolution to a strong presentation before a jury.   When a business dispute arises among partners or investors, we offer creative solutions that can avoid litigation. When someone has been victimized by a fraudulent scheme or suffered from a defective product, we waste little time in seeking justice. But while we’re always ready to take any case to trial, we appreciate that this is not always the best approach.  We try to tailor our approach to each client’s individual situation and needs.


At Stevens Law, we take the time to explain every step of the litigation process so that our clients can make informed decisions about whether to take a dispute to trial or resolve it through settlement. What makes us leading trial lawyers is our individualized approach to every case, treating our clients with respect and understanding.

Key Practice Areas

Class actions can involve any number of issues including product defects, insurance claims, wage and hour violations, pharmaceutical injuries, false advertising, and consumer fraud. Class action lawsuits are the most efficient means of recovering on behalf of a large group of people who have each suffered only a small amount of damage. 

Discrimination in the workplace has been illegal since the 1960s, yet everyday employees face all types of discrimination, whether based on gender, race, national origin, religion, pregnancy, sexual orientation, or age -- all of which are illegal under Federal and California law. The employee may be subjected to lesser wages than others, or to being overlooked for promotions. In all of these cases, the conduct is illegal.

Sexual harassment in the workplace can either be a few instances of inappropriate comments about a person’s body, pornography displayed on computer screen or in magazines in the workplace, or sexually--suggestive gestures over a period of months or years.  The harasser can either be the victim’s supervisor, a co-worker or a non-employee. In all of these scenarios, the conduct is illegal.

Wage and hour laws are meant to protect employees, and ensure fair treatment by their employers.  But these laws are violated every single day in California, resulting in unfair treatment of hourly employees.  When an employee is required to work “off the clock,” misses a meal break and is not compensated for it, or is entitled to family and medical leave but is prevented from using it, the laws of California require that the employee be compensated.

A “whistleblower” is an employee who reports a violation of the law by his or her employer.  The violation may be against the reporting employee, whether for reporting sexual harassment or fraudulent accounting practices.  It is illegal for an employer to fire a “whistleblower” and federal and California laws exist to protect the whistleblower. An employee may also be able to file a complaint with OSHA for workplace safety issues.

Helping Employees. Period. 

Stevens Law is a leading plaintiffs’ law firm in Los Angeles that exclusively represents employees who have been subjected to unlawful and wrongful treatment by their employers.  Whether you are an employee facing workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, or not receiving full compensation for your work, Stevens Law is ready to help.  Our attorneys build effective approaches to disputes that are tailored specifically to the unique needs of the client with achieving top results always in mind.

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